6th September

England’s Long Congress suppressed all stage plays in theatres on 6th September, 1642. The Long Parliament was an English Parliament. This parliament started from the year 1640 to the year 1660. It tracked the fiasco of the Short Parliament which had been occurred for 3 weeks during the spring of the year 1640, and which in its turn had trailed an 11-year parliamentary nonappearance. In September 1640, writs were delivered bidding a parliament to assemble on 3rd November 1640 by King Charles I. The parliament was set to permit financial bills, a step that was essential as a consequence of the cost of the Bishops’ Wars.

The War of Groton Heights held on 6th September, 1781 and it resulted in a British conquest. The Battle of Groton Heights is also called as the Battle of Fort Griswold. It is familiar as the Fort Griswold massacre. It was a lethal war of the American Radical War what fought on 6th September, 1781. It held between the more many British forces and a small Connecticut militia force led by Lieutenant Colonel William Ledyard led by Brigadier General Benedict Arnold and Lieutenant Colonel Edmund Eyre. Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton commanded General Arnold to raid the Connecticut port of New London in an ineffective effort to divert General George Washington from filing against Lord Cornwallis’s military in Virginia. However, New London was burnt and many ships, but many more runaway upriver.

British scientist John Dalton started by using symbols to signify the atoms of dissimilar elements on 6th September, 1803. John Dalton FRS was a recognized English chemist, meteorologist and physicist. He was very familiar for suggesting the modern atomic theory and for his research into color blindness, sometimes mentioned to as Daltonism in his honor.

Representatively designated Argentine president Hipólito Yrigoyen was overthrown in a military coup on 6th September, 1930. Argentina is officially called the Argentine Republic. It is a federal republic in the southern portion of South America. Juan Hipólito del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús Yrigoyen Alem was a 2 times President of Argentina. His involvement and activities became the prime motivation what became the behind the obtainment of international suffrage in Argentina in the year 1912. This is mainly known as “the father of the poor”, Yrigoyen controlled over a rise in the standard of living of Argentina’s working class organized with the passage of a number of liberal social improvements, with improvements in factory situations, regulation of working hours, obligatory incomes, and the overview of a generally accessible public education system.

During the World War II, on 6th September, 1939, Britain suffered its 1st fighter pilot fatality of the Second World War at the Battle of Barking Creek as a consequence of free fire. The Battle of Barking Creek was a friendly fire occurrence what held over England, This event resulting in the first demise of a British fighter pilot in the Second World War. At 6:15 am on 6th September 1939, a false alarm started due to a radar fault that anonymous aircraft were impending from the east at high altitude over West Mersea, on the Essex coast. In response, No. 11 Group commanded 6 Hurricanes to be scrambled from 56 Squadron what based at North Weald Airfield in Essex. The sector controller, Group Captain David Frederick Lucking, sent up the complete unit of 14 aircraft. Moreover, these and unbeknown to the rest of the pilots, 2 Pilot Officers took up a pair of standby aircraft and followed at a distance

During the World War II, on 6th September, 1939, South Africa declared war on Nazi Germany. The Union of South Africa is the historic precursor to the current republic of South Africa. It came into being on 31st May 1910 with the amalgamation of 4 formerly distinct British colonies. Those are the Cape, Natal, Orange River colonies and Transvaal. It encompassed the territories officially portion of the Boer republics annexed in the year 1902, the Orange Free State and the South African Republic. Nazi Germany is related in German history and the period of it started from the year 1933 to year 1945, when Germany was ruled by a dictatorship under the control of the Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler. Under Hitler’s rules and command, Germany was changed into a authoritarian state in which the Nazi Party measured closely all aspects of life.

On 6th September, 1968, Swaziland became independent. Swaziland is formally called the Kingdom of Eswatini. It is also sometimes called kaNgwane or Eswatini), is a sovereign state in Southern Africa. It is neighbored by Mozambique to its northeast and by South Africa to its north, west and south; it is a noncoastal country. The country and its public choose their names from Mswati II, the 19th-century king under whose instruction Swazi territory was prolonged and unified.

Israel executed the air strike Operation Orchard to abolish a nuclear reactor in Syria on 6th September, 2007. Israel is officially called the State of Israel. This is a country in the Middle East, and the northern shore of the Red Sea and on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea. It has land broderies with Lebanon to the north, Jordan on the east, Syria to the northeast, the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the east and west, individually, and Egypt to the southwest. Operation Orchard was an Israeli attack on a suspected nuclear reactor in the Deir ez-Zor area of Syria. It held just after midnight. The Israeli and U.S. governments did not proclaim about that secret raids for 7 months. However, Central Intelligence Agency what is called CIA and the White House afterward established that American intellect had also specified the site was a nuclear facility with a military resolution, though Syria denies this.

On 6th September, 2009, The ro-ro ferry SuperFerry 9 sunk off the Zamboanga Peninsula in the Philippines with about 971 persons aboard. However, 10 people were rescued. Roll-on and roll-off are shortly called RORO or ro-ro ships are containers planned to transport wheeled cargo like cars, trailers, trucks, semi-trailer trucks and railroad cars. This is in difference to lift-on/lift-off containers, which use a crane to load and unload cargo. SuperFerry 9 was a ship what owned by the Philippines-based carrier Aboitiz Transport System Corp. It operated by their SuperFerry division. Around 9am on Sunday, 6th September, 2009, this ship sank off the south-west coast of Zamboanga Peninsula with a 971 passengers and crew aboard. Zamboanga Peninsula is an administrative area in the Philippines. It selected as Region IX. The area contains of 3 provinces and two cities.

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