28th February

The Fourth Council of Constantinople closed on 28th February, 870. The Fourth Council of Constantinople was the 8th Catholic Ecumenical Council occurred in Constantinople from 5th October, 869, to 28th February, 870. It comprised 102 bishops, 3 papal representatives, and 4 paterfamiliases. The Council met in 10 sessions from October 869 to February 870 and distributed 27 canons.

The Scottish National Covenant was signed in Edinburgh on 28th February, 1638. The Covenanters were a part Scottish Presbyterian crusade what played an significant role in the history of Scotland, and to a slighter degree that of Ireland and England, in the 17th century. Presbyterian values sketch their history to the Covenanters and frequently counting the name endure the civilizations and ideas in Universally and Scotland. Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and one of its 32 assembly shares. It is located in Lothian on the Firth of Forth’s southern beach. Familiar as the capital of Scotland since at least the 15th century, Edinburgh is home to the Scottish Parliament and the chair of the kingdom in Scotland.

Today is 28th February, 1700 what followed by March 1 in Sweden, thus making the Swedish calendar. The Swedish calendar was a popular and useful calendar what was in use in Sweden and its properties from 1st March 1700 until 30th February 1712 . It was one day fast of the Julian calendar and 10 days late the Gregorian calendar. Easter was designed nominally exceedingly from the year 1740 to 1844. In the year 1753, After one year of England and its colonies, Sweden announced the Gregorian calendar. The leap of 11 days was talented in one step, with 17th February was being tailed by 1st March.

On 28th February, 1784, John Wesley chartered the Methodist Church on 28th February, 1784. John Wesley was an English Anglican cleric and theologian who, with his brother Charles and associated cleric George Whitefield, originated Methodism. Cultured at Charterhouse School and Christ Church, Wesley, Oxford was designated a parallel of Lincoln College, Oxford in the year 1726 and intended a priest 2 years later. Methodism or the Methodist movement is a group of accurately what is related standards of Protestant Christianity which create their incentive from the wisdoms and life of John Wesley.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was combined, becoming the 1st railroad in America contribution commercial transport of both freight and people on 28th February, 1827. The Ohio and Baltimore Railroad is the oldest railroad in the United States and the first mutual transporter railroad. It came into existence typically since the urban of Baltimore required to challenge with the newly built Erie Canal and another canal being planned by Pennsylvania, which would have linked Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. At 1st this railroad was situated completely in the state of Maryland with a single line from the port of Baltimore west to Sandy Hook.

The Battle of the Sacramento River held during the Mexican and American War. It was a conclusive victory for the United States leading to the imprisonment of Chihuahua on 28th February, 1847. The Battle of the Sacramento River was a fight what held on 28th February, 1847 throughout the Mexican–American War. About 15th miles north of Chihuahua, Mexico at the journey of the river Sacramento, American forces totaling less than 1,000 men overcome a larger Mexican army which ran to the profession of Chihuahua. The Mexican–American War is also identified as the Mexican War and it was also recognized as the U.S.–Mexican War, in Spanish the Intervención Americana en México or the U.S.–Mexico War or Intervención estadounidense en México or Guerra de Estados Unidos-México.

The Bulgarian Exarchate was recognized by decree of Sultan Abdülaziz of the Ottoman Realm on 28th February, 1870. The Bulgarian Exarchate was the authorized name of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church before its autocephaly was familiar by the Ecumenical See in the year 1945 and the Bulgarian Patriarchate was reestablished in the year 1953. Abdülaziz was the 32nd Sultan of the Ottoman Territory and ruled between 25th June 1861 and 30th May 1876. He was the son of Sultan Mahmud II and prospered his brother Abdulmecid I in the year 1861.

S.L. Benfica was founded in Portugal on 28th February, 1904. Sport Lisboa e Benfica is commonly identified as Benfica is a Portuguese sports club what is founded in Lisbon, Portugal. It is the best recognized for the professional football team playing in the Primeira Liga, the top flight of Portuguese football. Benfica are the existing Portuguese champions, having won 4 successive league names. Portugal is formally the Portuguese Republic is an independent state what is situated on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. It being surrounded to the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the east and north by Spain.

The Charlevoix-Kamouraska earthquake attacks on northeastern North America on 28th February, 1925. The earthquake is called the 1925 Charlevoix–Kamouraska earthquake. It struck northeastern North America on February 28, scale 6.2 on the moment magnitude scale. It was one of the most influential unrushed in Canada in the 20th century, with a supreme avowed strength of VIII on the Mercalli strength scale at its epicenter in the zone of Charlevoix-Kamouraska along with the Saint Lawrence River near ile aux Lievres and not greater than VI in the United States.
Basketball was televised for the first time on 28th February, 1940. The game was held between Fordham University and the University of Pittsburgh in Madison Square Garden. Basketball is very popular game in many countries and at that time, very few countries were knew and played this game. Even television was not so famous in many countries.

On 28th February, 1954, the first color television sets started to use the NTSC standard what were obtainable for sale to the general public. Color television is a television what uses transmission technology that contains information on the color of the picture, so the video image can be displayed in color on the television set. NTSC, called after the National Television System Committee. It is the analog television system what is secondhand in the Philippines, and until digital alteration was used in most of the Americas and some other countries.

An earthquake what was named 1997 Ardabil earthquake hit in northern Iran and it was responsible for about 3,000 deaths. A moment magnitude of 6.1 of the earthquake. It lasted for 15 seconds. At least 1,100 people were died, 2,600 number of people injured, 36,000 people homeless, 12,000 or properties houses damaged or destroyed and 160,000 livestock murdered in the Ardabil part of northwestern Iran.

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