23rd August

On 23rd August, 1305, Sir William Wallace was performed for high treachery at Smithfield, London. Sir William Wallace was a Scottish knight. He was one of the major leaders through the Wars of Scottish Independence. With Andrew Moray, Wallace overpowered an English army at the battle of Stirling Bridge in September of the year 1297. He was selected Guardian of Scotland and attended to his overthrow at the war of Falkirk in July 1298. In August 1305, Wallace was captured in Robroyston, near Glasgow, and handed over to King Edward I of England, who had him hanged, quartered and drawn for high sedition and crimes against English civilians. Treason is criminal treachery. high treason is treason what was set against the state. This was distinguished from unimportant treason and it was treason against a lesser lawful superior. Petty treason was controlled to cases of murder in the year 1351, and came to be measured a more thoughtful degree of homicide. Smithfield is an area in the district of Farringdon except located at the City of London’s northwest in central London, England. The major street of the part is West Smithfield.

Christian II of Denmark was overthrown as a king of Sweden and Gustav Vasa was elected adviser on 23rd August, 1521. Christian II was a Scandinavian monarch underneath the Kalmar Union. He governed as a King of Norway and from the year 1513 to the year 1523 and of Sweden from the year 1520 until the year 1521. Between the years 1513 to 1523, he was parallel Duke of Schleswig and Holstein in combine instruct with his uncle Frederick. The Monarchy of Sweden concerned about the monarchical head of state of Sweden which is a legitimate and genetic monarchy with a governmental system. The Kingdom of Sweden has been a monarchy since time immemorial. Formerly an voting kingdom, it was an genetic monarchy in the 16th century through the reign of Gustav Vasa, though almost all royals before that fit to a imperfect and small number of families which were considered to be the royal relations of Sweden. Gustav I, born Gustav Eriksson of the Vasa noble family and later known as Gustav Vasa was a King of Sweden from the year 1523 to his end of life in the year 1560. Formerly self-recognized Guardian of the Realm from the year 1521, in the continuing Swedish War of Liberation against King Christian II of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. A regent is a person who is appointed to manage a state since the sovereign is a minor. It is an absent or is injured. The rule of a replacement or substitutes is named a regency.

During the Edirne event, on 23rd August, 1703 Sultan Mustafa II of the Ottoman Empire was overthrew. The Edirne Event was a janissary rebellion. It started Istanbul in the year 1703. The revolution was a response to the significances of the Agreement of Karlowitz and Sultan Mustafa II’s absenteeism from the capital. The growing power of the sultan’s previous tutor named Seyhulislam Feyzullah Efendi and this empire’s decreasing economy produced by tax undeveloped were also reasons of the rebellion. So, the Edirne Event, Seyhulislam Feyzullah Efendi was murdered, and Sultan Mustafa II was exiled from position and power. The sultan was changed by his brother named Sultan Ahmet III. The Edirne Occasion underwrote to the failure of the control of the sultanate and the growing power of the kadis and janissaries. Mustafa II was the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and he served from the year 1695 to year 1703. The Ottoman Empire is also called in Western Europe as the Turkish Empire, Ottoman Turkey or Turkey. It was an territory what founded at the end of the 13th century in northwestern Anatolia in the town of Söğüt by the Oghuz Turkish family leader Osman.

Nat Turner’s slave revolt was blocked on 23rd August, 1831. Nat Turner’s Rebellion is called the Southampton Insurrection. It was a slave revolt that held in Southampton County, Virginia, during August 1831. It led by Nat Turner, rebel slaves and murdered from 55 to 65 people. It is the largest and lethal slave rebellion in U.S. history. The revolt was down within a few days, but Turner endured in walloping for over two months later. The revolt was professionally repressed at Belmont Plantation on the morning.

On 23rd August, 1866, Austro-Prussian battle ended with the Agreement of Prague. The Austro-Prussian War or Seven Weeks’ War was a battle held in the year 1866 between the German Association under the leadership of the Austrian Kingdom and its German allies countries on one side and the Empire of Prussia with its German allies on the other, that occasioned in Prussian supremacy over the German states. Prussia had also connected with the Empire of Italy what linking this battle to the 3rd Liberation War of Italian amalgamation. The Peace of Prague was a peace agreement what made between the Empire of Prussia and the Austrian Territory at Prague on 23rd August 1866, conclusion the Austro-Prussian War.

Albert Bridge in Chelsea, London opened on 23rd August, 1873. The Albert Bridge is a road bridge over the River Thames in West London. This bridge is a connection from Chelsea on the north bank to Battersea on the south bank. It was designed and developed by Rowland Mason Ordish in the year 1873 as an Ordish–Lefeuvre system modified cable-stayed bridge. This bridge is an uncommon hybrid of 3 dissimilar enterprise styles. It is a highly recognized English Heritage Grade II listed building. Chelsea is an wealthy zone in West London. It is bounded to the south by the River Thames. Its facade runs from Chelsea Bridge along with the Cheyne Walk, Chelsea Embankment, Lots Road and Chelsea Harbor.

On 23rd August, 1904, the vehicle tire chain was patented for the first time. Snow chains, or tire chains, are plans what fitted to the tires of automobiles to give maximum grip when the car is moving through ice and snow. Snow chains remain attached to the drive wheels of a automobile or unusual organizations organize chains which swipe under the wheel mechanically.
During the World War II, on 23rd August, 1942, Opening of the war of Stalingrad. The Battle of Stalingrad was a key war of World War II what held in Southern Russia. It was marked by fierce close accommodations battle and straight attacks on citizens by air raids, it is often stared as one of the single largest and bloodiest war in the history of warfare. It was an enormously expensive defeat for German armed forces, and the Army High Command had to remove vast armed forces from the West to substitute their losses

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