22nd September

On 22nd September, 1499, Contract of Basel concluded the Swabian War. The Treaty of Basel of 22 September 1499 was an armistice what following the war of Dornach, closing the Swabian War. This held between the Swabian League and the Old Swiss Confederacy. The agreement was restored the rank quo ante territorially. Eight members among ten in the League of the Ten Jurisdictions were established as supposedly subject to Habsburg, but their membership in the league and their association with the Swiss Confederacy was to endure in residence. The jurisdiction over Thurgau, before a majestic loan to the city of Constance, was to permit to the Swiss Confederacy. The grand banned and all embargos against the Swiss cantons were to be finished. The Swabian War of 1499 in Germany and Engadiner Krieg. It was the last major armed battle what held between the House of Habsburg and the Old Swiss Confederacy. It had started as a local battle over the regulator of the Val Müstair and the Umbrail Pass in the Grisons. The Habsburgs challenging the care of the Swabian League, and the Federation of the 3 Leagues of the Grisons what rotating to the Swiss Eidgenossenschaft.

The office of United States Postmaster General was established on 22nd September, 1789. The Postmaster General of the United States is the chief executive officer of the United States Postal Service. The office is older than both the United States Constitution. It is the United States Declaration of Freedom. In 1775, Benjamin Franklin was selected by the Continental Congress as the 1st Postmaster General what serving over 15 months. From the year 1829 to year 1971, they were a member of the President’s Cabinet. Until 1971, the postmaster general was the head of the Post Office Department. The Postmaster General was in charge of the governing party’s care. It was an influential position which held much influence within the party. Therefore, the Postmaster General is no longer a member of the Cabinet and is no longer in Presidential sequence.

Battle of Curupayty in the Paraguayan Battle started on 22nd September, 1866. The Battle of Curupayty was a major war in the Paraguayan War. On the morning of September 22, 1866, the united force of Argentine, Brazilian and Uruguayan militaries argued Paraguayan encouraged trenches on Curupaity. The Paraguayans were ran by General José E. Díaz. This position was held by 5,000 men and 49 cannons, some of them in hidden places out of the attackers view. The Paraguayan War is also called as the War of the Triple Alliance and the Great War in Paraguay. It was a South American battle held from the year 1864 to year 1870 between the Triple Alliance of Argentina and Paraguay, the Realm of Brazil, and Uruguay. With an assessed 400,000 deaths, the war was the lethal and bloodiest in Latin America’s history.

The first issue of National Geographic Magazine was published on 22nd September, 1888. National Geographic is officially called the National Geographic Magazine. This is the official magazine of the National Geographic Society and it has been published continuously since its first issue in the year 1888, 9 months after the Society itself was originated. It principally covers articles about science, history, geography, and world culture. The magazine is recognized for its thick square-bound glossy setup with a yellow rectangular border and its wide use of dramatic photographs. It is accessible in a traditional printed edition and through a communicating online edition. On different occasions, special editions of the magazine are issued.

Lindal Railway Event occurred what giving stimulation for “The Lost Special” by A.C. Doyle and the TV serial Lost on 22nd September, 1892. The Lindal railway incident held on 22nd September 1892 close to Lindal-in-Furness. A village is located between the Barrow-in-Furness and Cumbrian cities of Ulverston. The locomotive complicated still lies repressed underneath the railway, though the depth fragments a source of conjecture.

In Haiti, François Duvalier was selected president on 22nd September, 1957. Haiti is officially known as the Republic of Haiti. It is also formerly recognized as Hayti. It is a country what is situated on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea. It occupied the western three-eighths of the island, which it dividends with the Dominican Republic. François Duvalie is also called as Papa Doc. It was the President of Haiti from the year 1957 to year 1971. He was elected president in the year 1957 on a populist and black separatist stage and effectively thwarted a coup d’état in the year 1958. His rule, based on a purged military, a rural militia recognized as the Tonton Macoute, and the use of a universal cult of behavior, caused in the murder of 30,000 to 60,000 Haitians and the expatriate of many more.

Iraq invaded Iran on 22nd September, 1980. The Iran–Iraq War was a serious armed conflict what held between Iraq and Iran. This war was lasting from 22nd September 1980, when Iraq occupied Iran, to August 1988. The battle trailed a long history of border arguments, and was moved by fears that the Iranian Rebellion in the year 1979 would motivate rebellion among Iraq’s Shi’ite current, as well as Iraq’s wish to supernumerary Iran as the dominant Persian Gulf state. For the next 6 years, Iran was on the offensive.

A Transair Georgian Airlines Tu-154 was shot down by a missile in Sukhumi, Georgia on 22nd September,1993. In September, 1993, 5 Tupolev civilian airliners fitting to Orbi Georgian and Transair Georgia Airways were hit by missiles supposedly fired by dissenters in Abkhazia, Sukhumi, Georgia. Over 150 people freezing in the occurrences. Sukhumi or Sokhumi is a city on the Black Sea coast and is the capital of the breakaway Republic of Abkhazia which has controlled it since the 1992-1993 battle in Abkhazia, although most of the global community reflects it legally part of Georgia.

Nagerkovil school bombing and it was accepted out by the Sri Lanka Air Force in which at least 34 die, the most of them cultural Tamil students on 22nd September, 1995. The Nager Kovil school bombing denotes to a uncertain occurrence in the Sri Lankan Civil Battle. Tamil sources claimed that on 22nd September, 1995, the Sri Lankan Air Force bombed on the Nagar Kovil Maha Vidyalayam school in Jaffna. So, many people died and specially primary school students very injured. The Sri Lanka Air Force is the air arm and the youngest of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces. This was fully developed in the year 1951 as the Royal Ceylon Air Force with the support of the Royal Air Force.

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