20th February

Edward VI of England was crowned King of England at Westminster Abbey on 20th February, 1547. Edward VI born on 12th October 1537 and died on 6th July 1553. He was a Sovereign of England and Ireland. He served there from 28 January 1547 until his death. He was crowned on 20 February when he was nine years old. He was the son of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. He was England’s first ruler to be elevated as a Protestant. During his reign, the kingdom was governed by a Regency Council since he never stretched his popular. The Council was the first led by his uncle Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset served from 1547 to 1549 and then by John Dudley, 1st Earl of Warwick, from 1551 Duke of Northumberland.

René-Robert Cavelier established Fort St. Louis at Matagorda Bay thus forming the basis for France’s claim to Texas. René-Robert Cavelier, Robert de La Salle or Sieur de La Salle born on November 22, 1643 and died on March 19, 1687. He was a French voyager. He traveled the Great Lakes area of Canada and the United States, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico. He demanded the whole Mississippi River basin for France.

Louis-Alexandre Berthier removed Pope Pius VI from power on 20th February, 1798. Louis Alexandre Berthier born on 20th November 1753 and died on 1st June 1815. He was also the 1st Prince de Wagram, 1st Sovereign Prince of Neuchâtel, 1st Duc de Valangin was a Marshal and Vice-Constable of France commencement in the year 1808, and Chief of Staff under Napoleon. Pope Pius VI born Count Giovanni Angelo Braschi who governed as Pope from 15th February 1775 to his demise in the year 1799. His supremacy is the 4th longest in papal history, presence over 2 decades.

Manuel Belgrano defeated the monarchist army of Pío de Tristán during the Battle of Salta on 20th February, 1813. Juan Pío de Tristán y Moscoso was a Peruvian politician and general who aided as the 2nd President of South Peru from 12th October, 1838 to 23rd February, 1839. He was supposedly the last Spanish viceroy of Peru, portion in that volume from December 1824 to January 1826, but not exercise power. Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano usually mentioned to as Manuel Belgrano, was an Argentine economist, politician, lawyer and military leader. He took portion in the Argentine Wars of Independence and fashioned the Flag of Argentina. He is gazed as one of the key Libertadores of the country.

The 1835 Concepción earthquake destroyed Concepción, Chile on 20th February, 1835. This earth quake is called the 1835 Concepción earthquake. It occurred near the adjacent cities of Concepción and Talcahuano in Chile on 20th February at 11:30 local time and has an valued magnitude of 8.2 or 8.1. Due to this earthquake, a tsunami started what caused the destruction of Talcahuano. At least 50 people died from the properties of the earthquake and the tsunami. The earthquake produced injury from San Fernando in the north to Osorno in the south.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened in New York City on 20th February, 1872. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, colloquially known as “the Met” is situated in New York City. This is the largest art museum in the United States. In this museum, many people visit ever year and it is the most visited museum in the world. Its enduring collection covers over 2 million works what are divided among 17th curatorial departments.

The legislature of Hawaii Terrain organized for the 1st time on 20th February, 1901. The Territory of Hawaii or Hawaii Territory was an planned combined terrain of the United States that occurred from 12 August, 1898, until 21st August, 1959, when its terrain was acknowledged to the Union as the 15th U.S. state, the State of Hawaii. The Hawaii Admission Act detailed that the State of Hawaii would not cover Palmyra Atoll, Kingman Reef, the Midway Islands and Johnston Atoll, which included Johnston Island and Sand Island.

Caroline Mikkelsen became the first woman who put her foot in Antarctica and it happened on 20th February, 1935. Caroline Mikkelsen born on 20th November 1906 and died on 15th September 1998. She was a well-known Danish-Norwegian traveler who in the year 1935. Although whether this was on the inland or an island is a substance of argument.

The event is related with the World War II. The United States took Eniwetok Island on 20th February, 1944. Enewetak Atoll known as Eniwetok Atoll is a large coral atoll of 40 islands in the Pacific Ocean and with its 850 people methods a governmental district of the Ralik Chain of the Marshall Islands. The Runit Dome is weakening and could be broken by a typhoon, though the residues in the lagoon are even more dangerous than those which are controlled.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy formed a permanent Service Academy on 20th February, 1956. The United States Merchant Marine Academy is also recognized as USMMA or Kings Point. It is one of the 5 popular United States service academies what is situated in Kings Point, New York. It is charged with training officers for the United States branches of the military, merchant Marine, and the transport industry. As students at the Academy are called Midshipmen who are qualified in marine engineering, maritime law, personnel management, navigation, ship’s administration, international law, customs, and many other subjects vital to the duty of running a large ship.

The United States Emergency Broadcast System was accidentally triggered in an flawed national alert on 20th February, 1971. The Emergency Broadcast System what is known as EBS. It is sometimes named the Emergency Action Notification System or EANS. It is a past emergency warning method what is used in the United States. It changed the previous CONELRAD process and was used from the year 1963 to 1997, at which point it was changed by the Emergency Alert System.

The Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast voted to separate from Azerbaijan and joined Armenia, triggering the Nagorno-Karabakh War on 20th February, 1988. The Nagorno-Karabakh War is known to as the Artsakh Liberation War by Armenians. It was a local and ethnic battle that held in the late 1980s to May 1994, in the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh in southwestern Azerbaijan, between the majority ethnic Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh supported by the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Armenia.

On 20th February, 2016, 6 people were murdered and 2 wounded in multiple shooting events in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. On the night of February 20, 2016, a sequence of deceptively random shootings occurred at an apartment complex.

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